Superhero Showdown

April 19, 2016News

Our very own, Dr. Jared Kern completed the Superhero Showdown 4.35K foot race in 18 minutes and 19 seconds. Dr. Kern was the fastest superhero in his male division, ages 40-49. The Superhero Showdown race was created by Skinny Raven Sports and this year they partnered with Healthy Futures to encourage healthy activities for youth … Read More

2016 Iron Dog

February 19, 2016News

Dr. Heilala and the Iron Dog Rec Class riders of team 77 and 52 are on their way to Nome, AK. Team 77: Eric Campbell, Matt Heilala, Ryan Heilala, Stan James, John McCormick Team 52: Rick Carver The Iron Dog Recreational Class is not a competitive race, but is equally as tough and rewarding. Recreational … Read More

Dr. Jansma Wins 2016 Crystal Gallery of Ice Competition

January 26, 2016News

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Jennifer Jansma and her teammate Carol Lewando. They won the 1st place prize in the 2016 Crystal Gallery of Ice competition. Their oceanic themed entry, The Pearl depicts an underwater scene with vertical coral elements and a large clam with a round ice pearl inside. The 2016 Crystal Gallery … Read More

Winter Running

November 20, 2015Tips

It’s that time of year again. The trails and roads of Anchorage are covered in snow and ice. Some might be tempted to stay inside, but living in Alaska beckons year round physical activities outdoors. Snow shoes or fat tire bikes might be an option for outdoor activity, and these can be fun, but for … Read More

Big Toe Injuries

September 11, 2015Tips

Big toe injuries can be more problematic than you think. Don’t underestimate an injured or broken toe. Big toe, great toe, or the medical term “hallux”-whatever you call that first toe of yours, it’s an important digit you don’t want to injure, because it could turn out to be a bigger problem than you think. … Read More

Vacation Tips for Healthy Feet

August 17, 2015Tips

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a painful or injured foot. From the airport to your hotel room, there are steps you can take to prevent foot and ankle pain and injury. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons offers these tips for healthy feet while on vacation: Wear comfortable shoes to the airport. … Read More

Sunscreen on Your Feet?

July 27, 2015Tips

Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists urges sunscreen use and exams to prevent skin cancer on feet. When at the beach, pool or lake we all lather up with sun screen to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. But do we remember to apply sunscreen on your feet? Many don’t realize skin … Read More

Soccer: Prime time for injuries

June 12, 2015Tips

Summer Soccer season is in full swing and Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists strongly urges parents and coaches to think twice before coaxing young, injury-prone soccer players to “play through” foot and ankle pain. Kids will play with lingering, nagging heel pain that, upon testing, might be a stress fracture. By playing with pain, the … Read More