Team 77 at 2016 Iron Dog

Dr. Heilala and the Iron Dog Rec Class riders of team 77 and 52 are on their way to Nome, AK.

Team 77: Eric Campbell, Matt Heilala, Ryan Heilala, Stan James, John McCormick
Team 52: Rick Carver

The Iron Dog Recreational Class is not a competitive race, but is equally as tough and rewarding. Recreational Class riders follow the Historic and Scenic Iditarod Trail from Big Lake to Nome. Teams are required to be a minimum of two persons on their own snowmobiles. There are no specific requirements for the brand, CC or type of snowmobile when participating in the Recreational Class.

Recreational Class participants encounter much of the same challenges of the Professional Class without the competitive pressure of the race. The teams in this class start two days before the Professional Class and meet up with them in Nome. A Halfway Pro Class and Finishing Recreational Class “Celebration Banquet” is held Wednesday evening in Nome. (source:

Track the riders progress online at

Good luck team 77 and team 52!