High Heeled Winter Boots Dangerous On Ice and Snow

October 26, 2012Tips

This winter’s fashionable high-heeled boots put women at risk for slips, falls, and injuries on ice and snow. These popular boots typically feature tall, spiked heels and narrow, pointed toes. Wearing high-heels makes you more unstable when walking or standing on dry surfaces, let alone slippery ones like ice or snow. A stylish low-heeled winter … Read More

Hikers and Hunters, Long Hikes Take Toll On Feet, Ankles

October 8, 2012Tips

Hikers and hunters nationwide will migrate to the mountains, woods and fields, but many, unfortunately, are ill prepared for the beating their feet will take. Hikers, hunters and others who love the outdoors often don’t realize how strenuous it can be to withstand constant, vigorous walking on uneven terrain. Lax physical conditioning and inappropriate footwear … Read More

Too Much Dr. Internet?

July 26, 2011Tips

Featuring Dr. Matt A. Heilala, Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists By Taryn Armstrong / Special to Pulse, an Anchorage Daily News publication Researching your health care and prescription drug issues on your favorite dot-com, like WebMD or Drugs.com, before a visit to the family doctor may seem like a good idea. And in most cases, … Read More