Dr. Jared Kern takles Mt. Marathon

Congratulations to Dr. Jared Kern and all of the 2018 participants for completing this years Mt. Marathon race in Seward, Alaska.

The Mt. Marathon Race was first organized in 1915. Since then, it has grown into a popular Independence Day tradition. Race participants start in downtown Seward, running towards the base of Mt. Marathon and up 3,022 feet of switchbacks and chutes towards the peak, before running back down the mountain. The course includes areas of extreme difficulty, with steep inclines and loose rock and shale.

Dr. Kern has been a runner his entire life, an interest that indirectly led to him becoming a foot and ankle doctor. “My uncle was a podiatrist,” explains Dr. Kern. “After he treated my shin splints in college, I decided to do a day of job shadowing.” It was then that Dr. Kern decided a career helping others with their foot and ankle problems was something he wanted to do.

As a doctor, Dr. Kern says sprained ankles are a serious concern when it comes to trail running. He suggests taping or an ankle brace, and encourages adventurers to wear trail or running gaiters to keep rocks and debris out of their shoes.