Risk for Achilles Tendon Problems

January 27, 2014Tips

Risk for Achilles tendon problems are not isolated to pro athletes. You don’t have to be an accomplished athlete to suffer Achilles tendon injuries. They can happen from household tasks like climbing a ladder. Achilles tendon weakness is common in adults. But seeking treatment when symptoms occur can prevent more serious injury. Achilles tendonitis is … Read More

Dr. Jansma Enters Ice Carving Competition

December 31, 2013News

Dr. Jansma and her husband, Eric will be participating again in an ice carving competition. The Crystal Gallery of Ice is an annual event organized by the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. and hosted in the Town Square Winter Center, in the heart of downtown Anchorage. Come check out Dr. Jansma’s ice sculpture and watch their … Read More

Shred On: Don’t Delay Treatment for Ankle Injuries

December 10, 2013Tips

If you hurt your ankle this winter, don’t put off waiting to see a doctor. That’s the warning from Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists (AFAS), podiatric surgeons located in Anchorage, Alaska. Never assume the ability to walk means your ankle isn’t broken or badly sprained. It’s best to have an injured ankle evaluated by a … Read More

Stride On: Fit feet finish faster

November 21, 2013Tips

Both long-distance runners and casual joggers can improve their performance by keeping their feet in top condition and taking steps to control foot problems common in runners. The human foot is a biological masterpiece that amazingly endures the stresses of daily activity. For runners, the feet are more vulnerable to injury than any other part … Read More

Heel Pain in Youth Athletes

November 6, 2013Tips

Indoors and outdoors, youth athletes stay active year-round in competitive sports, and for many of them heel pain has become “just another part of the game.” AFAS physicians, advise that when a child complains of heel pain, it should be diagnosed promptly because it may be a warning sign of a serious foot problem. Heel … Read More

Be Smart About Back to School Shoe Fitting

October 8, 2013Tips

With kids back in school after a summer of bare feet and sandals, parents are shopping for shoes for feet that seem to have grown longer in just a few months. To help busy parents with shoe choices, Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists recommends some simple guidelines to prevent or minimize possible foot problems from … Read More

Dr. Kern Completes 2013 Kesugi Ridge Traverse

September 10, 2013News

The race was a 28-30 mile trek through some of the best Alaska has to offer. The day was gray and overcast, but the cloud ceiling was higher than the ridge. Beautiful vistas of the Chulitna and Susitna river valleys, and the Tokosha and Talkeetna mountains were present to the east and the west, but … Read More

AFAS Now Using 3D CT Imaging

August 20, 2013News

AFAS is pleased to provide the latest imaging technology in our Anchorage office: • Your anatomy in TRUE weight bearing position • Predictable surgical outcomes • Low radiation exposure • Quick & easy 3D imaging • In-office convenience AFAS is one of 10 offices throughout the U.S. that utilizes this technology in office. 3D digital … Read More