Robert F.

“The doctors, nurses and staff are wonderful. They helped diagnose and treat my peroneal tendinitis and gave me an excuse to buy a new pair of Hoka One’s.”

Charlotte A.

“[Mary DeCourcey] knows her stuff. She has heart and a good way of making you feel comfortable and do not hesitate to ask a question as if she doesn’t know the answer she will get the answer and will call you to relay the correct answer. [Big] heart and tender touch as well as kind … Read More

Frances S.

“Best place for dancers and athletes! I’ve been training for 1.5 years for this super tough certification and was crestfallen when I broke my foot in 2 places! Passed today because of this team’s care!!! ”

Sarah R.

“Made my first ever podiatry appointment here. The building was easy to get to and the office is a little tricky to find, but as long as you’re paying attention, you’ll find it! All of the staff was very friendly. They did things quickly but didn’t rush you. The doctor I saw, Dr. Randall, was … Read More

Adam F.

“AFAS is a great place to go for foot issues. Dr. Kern and all the staff were all fantastic; very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous every step of the way. If you have a choice in where you can go for foot or ankle issues, go here, they are great at what they do!”

Kristina P.

“Dr. Jansma is the best!! I wasn’t sure about bunion surgery, but her honesty and caring ways made me move forward – the best decision I’ve made! Thanks so much!”


“I traveled from overseas to get foot surgery done [at AFAS]. I am very grateful I had the chance to have surgery done by such an excellent doctor! Thank you for helping me walk again without pain!”