Dr Heilala ACFAS faculty memberDr. Heilala was invited by ACFAS to be a faculty member at the annual Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy skills course at the Orthopedic Learning Center in Chicago, August 2-3, 2014.  His lecture was titled “Complications in Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy” .

Dr. Heilala was a resident participant at the first ACFAS Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy skills course in 1997.  Heilala said it was a great experience to assist in the training of residents and current podiatric surgeons. New advancements in techniques and treatment options have occurred since then.

Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists is a team of Board Certified foot and ankle physicians with training and experience encompassing all ailments typically encountered below the knee.

Aided by some of the most modern technologies available, a diagnosis and treatment can often be rendered in one visit. Contact AFAS today and schedule your appointment.

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