Shred On: Don’t Delay Treatment for Ankle Injuries

December 10, 2013Tips

If you hurt your ankle this winter, don’t put off waiting to see a doctor. That’s the warning from Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists (AFAS), podiatric surgeons located in Anchorage, Alaska. Never assume the ability to walk means your ankle isn’t broken or badly sprained. It’s best to have an injured ankle evaluated by a … Read More

Stride On: Fit feet finish faster

November 21, 2013Tips

Both long-distance runners and casual joggers can improve their performance by keeping their feet in top condition and taking steps to control foot problems common in runners. The human foot is a biological masterpiece that amazingly endures the stresses of daily activity. For runners, the feet are more vulnerable to injury than any other part … Read More

Heel Pain in Youth Athletes

November 6, 2013Tips

Indoors and outdoors, youth athletes stay active year-round in competitive sports, and for many of them heel pain has become “just another part of the game.” AFAS physicians, advise that when a child complains of heel pain, it should be diagnosed promptly because it may be a warning sign of a serious foot problem. Heel … Read More

Be Smart About Back to School Shoe Fitting

October 8, 2013Tips

With kids back in school after a summer of bare feet and sandals, parents are shopping for shoes for feet that seem to have grown longer in just a few months. To help busy parents with shoe choices, Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists recommends some simple guidelines to prevent or minimize possible foot problems from … Read More

Common Runners’ Injury

June 28, 2013Tips

Stress fractures of the foot are becoming more common in runners, especially first-time marathoners. The growing popularity of marathons among beginning runners has contributed to the increase in repetitive stress injuries, including stress fractures of the foot. Often, first-time marathoners enter a race with little or improper long-distance training. The lack of experience coupled with … Read More

Taking a Vacation? Make it Easy on Your Feet

May 21, 2013Tips

Although rest and relaxation are the goals for most vacations, they usually involve plenty of walking and a lot of walking usually involves sore feet. Walking is great exercise and one of the most reliable forms of transportation. But if your feet aren’t in the best shape or you don’t have the right shoes, too … Read More

Keep Your Feet Safe at the Gym in the New Year

January 11, 2013Tips

Don’t let foot injuries keep you from your fitness resolutions— In the New Year, don’t forget to keep your feet in tip-top shape while following through with your resolutions to get fit. Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists offers tips for foot safety while at the gym. Start new workouts gradually— Increase your stamina and the … Read More