The advantages of seeing a full-service specialist

One of the advantages of being a patient at AFAS is that we have invested in a full suite of industry-leading technology and equipment, which enables us to perform most imaging and treatments in our offices.

Some podiatrists see patients at one office, then ask them to travel to a different facility to receive imaging or medical treatment. With imaging, that means those patients are forced to see their doctor first, then go get X-rays or other imaging, then return to their doctor’s office to find out what the imaging reveals. That’s a lot of time and travel just to find out what’s causing your pain.

AFAS not only saves you time and money – we will likely be able to diagnose and treat your pain right here in the same office where you see your doctor.

On-site imaging

Podiatric radiology is a medical specialty that requires a training-based understanding of how the complex mechanisms of the feet and ankles interact. AFAS has modern imaging equipment in our offices, so instead of sending our patients off-site to a general radiology clinic, our trained specialists can take a deep look into what’s causing your foot or ankle pain right here and have the results right away, so you and your doctor can go over them together.

That’s not only more convenient for you – it’s better care.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)

Painless, fast and non-invasive, ESWT is an innovative technological advancement in podiatric medical care that allows AFAS doctors to treat many painful conditions without surgery. That means lower bills and faster recovery.

There are virtually no side effects with ESWT. Also known as pressure-wave treatments, ESWT consists of very short energy waves traveling faster than the speed of sound administered for 4-5 minutes from outside the skin (which is what “extracorporeal” means in medical terminology). These waves penetrate deep into the problem area to help your body perform accelerated recovery from the pain of injured soft tissue, bone, heel and joints.

The underlying technology of ESWT has been used for decades on millions of people.