• Welcome Dr. Chris Jetter

    Please welcome our new foot and ankle specialists to Alaska. Read more about Dr. Chris Jetter.

Make The Right Choice The First Time

Alaska Foot & Ankle Specialists (AFAS) is a team of Board Certified foot and ankle physicians with training and experience encompassing all ailments typically encountered below the knee. Is your complaint in the anatomic zone specified (below the knee)? Then your visit to AFAS is the correct one every time. Let our experienced team of foot and ankle doctors determine whether the presenting complaint is Dermatologic, Vascular, Musculoskeletal or Neurological in origin.

Aided by some of the most modern technologies available, a diagnosis and treatment can often be rendered in one visit..

Our Anchorage foot doctors at AFAS commonly hear the sentiment, “I wish I had come here first”. Contact AFAS today and schedule your next appointment!